2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Sisters, Advisor, and House Mom We Love!

Season’s greetings, sorority sisters! As the holiday season rolls in, it’s time to think about shopping…. More importantly, gifting. Wondering what to get your sorority sisters, advisor, and house mom this year? Look no further. I’ve curated the trendiest and most thoughtful gift ideas for 2023. And hey, maybe we’ll capture the joy of exchanging these gifts in a fun, festive video courtesy of RUSHVIDS – because what’s a sorority holiday without some memorable moments?

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1. For the Sustainable Sister

Gift her a bamboo fiber travel mug or a reusable beeswax food wrap set. These eco-friendly choices are both practical and stylish.

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2. The Wellness Warrior

A lavender essential oil diffuser or a premium yoga mat with alignment marks would be perfect for her relaxation and wellness routine.

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3. The Tech-Savvy Trendsetter

Consider the latest smartwatch with fitness tracking or noise-canceling wireless earbuds for a sister who loves staying connected and equipped.

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4. The Foodie Photographer

A smartphone tripod and ring light combo would be perfect for capturing those culinary creations, or consider gifting a virtual cooking class with a renowned chef.

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5. The Glam Goddess

How about a limited-edition makeup palette from a popular brand or a virtual makeup tutorial session with a professional makeup artist?

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6. For the Advisor

A personalized leather notebook or an elegant fountain pen set would be a thoughtful gift, reflecting both style and professionalism.

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7. The Homebody

A luxurious plush robe, a soft weighted blanket, or a set of scented soy candles can make her cozy nights even more enjoyable.

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8. The Fitness Fanatic

Gift her a smart exercise mat that offers feedback on poses or a subscription to a trendy online fitness program featuring different workout styles.

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9. For the House Mom

A gourmet food and wine gift basket or a luxury bath and body care set would be a wonderful way to show appreciation for her nurturing presence.

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10. The Literary Lover

A high-end e-reader preloaded with bestsellers or signed copies of novels by her favorite authors would be a real treat for a book enthusiast.

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11. The Artistic Soul

An art supply subscription box or a digital art class membership could inspire her next creative project.

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12. The Coffee Connoisseur

A high-quality espresso machine or a world coffee tour subscription box would be ideal for a sister who cherishes her coffee moments.

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13. RUSHVIDS Video Exclusive

Create a personalized sorority recruitment video montage with RUSHVIDS, featuring all the cherished moments and memories from your sorority’s past year.

When it comes to giving gifts, always remember… it isn’t about the gift, but the love behind it. In the end, no ribbon can bind us more tightly than the unspoken understanding between sorority sisters. So, as we embark on the journey of giving, let us remember that the most treasured gift is the enduring sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.

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