About Us


We are passionate about telling stores that leave a lasting impact on potential new members. Our expert team crafts each recruitment video in a way that highlights and showcases what makes your chapter unique.  

Chapters who choose to partner with RUSHVIDS will gain a team of video and marketing experts who understand what is needed to build your brand while staying within your University guidelines. We take the time to learn what is special about your chapter and turn it into a visual story that sets you apart.

RUSHVIDS is a division of JPA ENTERTAINMENT – a video production company founded by John Andosca. John has produced videos for celebrities and artists like Taylor Swift and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

John graduated from the University of Toledo with two degrees in Film and Communication. Although he was never officially a member of the Greek system, he has been producing recruitment videos for over 15 years and is an honorary member of three sororities. John and his team have been able to work with dozens of different individual Greek Chapters and executive offices across the country.

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