RUSHVIDS is professional video production company that specializes in sorority productions. Our team is made up of industry leading professionals and a passionate group of sorority alumnae who have held senior positions in their chapters – Membership Vice Presidents, Panhellenic President, and several Advisory roles.

Chapters who choose to work with RUSHVIDS gain a team of brand building experts. We take the time to learn what is special about your chapter, turn it into a visual story that sets you apart, and leaves a lasting impression on your PNMs.


"I’m Hayden and I’m a VIDBIG (producer) here at RUSHVIDS. I also run our social media so if you ever get RUSHVIDS love on Instagram or TikTok it’s probably coming from me! As a colony member of my chapter and a current recruitment advisor, I understand the priority of showcasing your unique sisterhood. I love communicating with clients and creating their vision into something tangible. If I’m not working with my chapter or yours I am probably hanging out with my pets listening to vinyl at home, at some kind of Dallas sports game with my boyfriend, or grabbing coffee at the farmers market with my best friend. I’m looking forward to working with your chapter and developing new RUSHVIDS friendships, especially with fellow Swifties!"

"I'm Alexis and I'm a Senior Producer at RUSHVIDS, which is just a fancy way of saying I've been producing Greek-life content for many years now and have extensive Recruitment experience!

While attending The University of Texas, I held various recruitment positions, including Membership Vice President. Career-wise, I have worked for ad agencies in Chicago, and Austin, helping evaluate target audiences and develop custom communication plans for brands like Disney, BMW, and MasterCard. As a Media Director, I gained experience in understanding client’s goals and coordinating a team to meet them. As an Alumna of my organization, I've also served in a variety of advisory roles including Chapter Advisor and Membership Advisor, assisting on the front lines with "polish week" and recruitment video development.

I'm thrilled to be putting all of my experience and passions together in working with your organization. I'm a natural planner, and I love keeping the production process fun, organized, and stress-free!"

"Hey, y'all, I'm Jami and I'm the Executive Producer at RUSHVIDS, which means I'll be working with your officers and advisors to do the initial budget setting and planning so we can bring your vision to life. I'll also be matching you with your VIDBIG and making sure your contract and all the details are totally on point.

I love being Greek as it's brought tremendous value to my own life; I'm a former Panhellenic President, UIFI program graduate, and Mid-American Greek Council Association officer. I'm also a mom to two young daughters who will hopefully be Greek in the future as well!"

I’m an award-winning filmmaker and editor living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. When I’m not putting together the latest and greatest recruitment edit for RUSHVIDS, you can find me filming a wedding video or working on my latest documentary project –– or maybe I’m at the movies!

My name is Kallen Fedele and I am a Junior VidBig/Producer for RUSHVIDS. I’m a recent graduate, who served my chapter through numerous roles, my favorite being Vice President of Recruitment. As a freshman I had a blast going through recruitment, and becoming the chair for my chapter just made me fall in love with the recruitment process even more. The year I was VPR, I actually worked with RUSHVIDS on our videos - all of the steps of strategizing, planning, and shooting were so much fun that now I’ve joined the team!

Having recently been in your shoes, I know how much there is to think about when preparing for Recruitment. I understand the behind the scenes work that goes into making it the best experience for your members, while showcasing your special sisterhood for potential new members. I enjoy the logistical planning that recruitment involves, and know the video is a crucial aspect to market your relationships visually. I am beyond excited to help create something special with your chapter!

"Hey! Since I'm the founder and CEO, I can tell you a quick story of how this all started...Back in 2004, as a film major in college, I was asked by a friend if I could make a recruitment video for her chapter. The experience of doing that first video really opened my eyes to what sisterhood is and how telling that story effectively could really make a difference. By the next year I was doing videos for all of the chapters at my school and as I started putting the videos on this new thing called YouTube an interesting thing happened...I started getting contacted from different chapters in other areas of the country to have me work on their videos as well and that's how RUSHVIDS started. During that time I was also building another business that has grown today to a full production company where I have been lucky to be able to create content for celebrities and artists like Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and so many others.

Having the experience of those projects allows me to offer a different perspective of creativity and storytelling that we like to apply to our RUSHVIDS productions.
While I was never technically Greek myself, I have received letters as an "honorary" member of 3 different sororities so I have seen first hand the importance Greek Life can have as part of the college experience and beyond. This is why I'm passionate about what we do and so proud of all the work our RUSHVIDS team does."

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