Why Greek Life Shines Brightest in Summer

The first week of classes is sweet but I can’t help but reminisce about the incredible summer I just had with my sorority sisters. As much as I’m looking forward to fall and everything the new semester has to offer, I want to take a moment to share how summer with my sorority sisters has shaped and prepared me to be back.

Bonding and Making Unforgettable Memories

Where do I even begin? The road trip adventures, the laughter, and even a few tears… This summer was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Living with 3 of my sisters, we got to know each other on a whole new level. From lounging on the beach to watching netflix on the couch, we created memories that I know will last a lifetime. And these connections are going to make my role on my exec board even more special, knowing I’m leading such inspiring women.

Learning about Myself

The summer was like this huge playground for personal growth. I explored painting with one sister who’s an incredible artist and cooked with another sister that’s a culinary wizard. I feel like I unlocked talents that I never knew I had!  Learning from my sisters made it even more special.  And we all supported each other.  We set a goal to do yoga every day and even when we were tired, we made it fun and encouraged each other – and we did it! I think we’ve never been more flexible lol.  Seeing myself tackle new and difficult things makes me want to explore more of what I can do.

Leadership Skills

Going to our National Convention was amazing. Hearing from Alumns and the National Board gave me a new perspective on how strong our organization is and what we can do. I learned so much about our resources, got fresh ideas for our events, and have a whole new motivation to be an amazing chapter officer. The workshops have given me the confidence to aim higher, dream bigger, and work harder – I can’t wait to share everything with my chapter.  And the networking was an awesome opportunity. We were able to work out a joint philanthropy project with one of our nearby chapters, and I think I’ve lined up an internship for next summer!

Embracing Diversity and Fostering Inclusivity

Summer with my sisters was also a journey of exploration and appreciation. Each of us brought to the table our unique backgrounds, traditions, and stories. We decided to dedicate a Sunday every week of July to celebrate our diversity . Each sister introduced the rest to a slice of their culture, be it through food, dance, music, or anecdotes. I learned the graceful moves of salsa from Maria, tasted the rich and spicy curry that Ananya’s mom used to make, and looked at Mira’s family scrapbook from the Middle East. It wasn’t just some day every weekend; it was an immersion into the beautiful mosaic of cultures that make up our sisterhood.

With such experiences, I feel primed to promote inclusivity and understanding in our campus community this fall. I’ve come to realize that diversity isn’t just about recognizing differences but also about celebrating them. And this celebration? It makes our bond as sisters even more profound.

Nurturing Resilience and Mental Wellbeing

Summer wasn’t without its challenges. There were times when the weight of uncertainty and change always creeps in. But it was in these moments that the strength of our sorority sisterhood truly shone. We formed a support group chat, facetimed weekly with check-ins, practiced meditation together, and truly invested in one another’s mental health. Our bond proved to be our anchor, helping us weather emotional storms and come out stronger on the other side.

With the semester in full swing, the lessons on mental wellbeing I learned with my sisters and for my sisters will undoubtedly come in handy. I now understand the importance of checking in on friends, taking breaks, and seeking help when needed. The emphasis on mental health in our sorority has instilled in me a determination to bring awareness and understanding to my peers.

Environmental Initiatives and Giving Back

We didn’t forget our responsibility towards Mother Earth during the summer. Our sorority took up several green initiatives – from beach clean-ups to starting a community garden. We even initiated a sustainability workshop, teaching local residents the basics of composting and waste segregation. Through these endeavors, we’ve learned the significance of even small actions in creating a more sustainable future. I can’t wait to make our chapter go green!

This fall, I’m ready to face challenges, seize opportunities, and continue my incredible journey.  If you’re considering joining a sorority or if you’re already part of this incredible world of sisterhood, I hope my summer story inspires you. There’s so much more to Greek Life than meets the eye, and every season brings its own set of opportunities and experiences.

So here’s to an exceptional fall semester, filled with the love, learning, and growth that our summer in Greek Life has bestowed upon us! Let’s make it amazing, together.

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