Sorority Video Outfit Ideas to Crush Your Recruitment Video Look

Sorority Video Outfit Ideas

Alright, ladies, the moment has arrived. You’re on the currently crafting the most epic sorority recruitment video, but now reality has set in — what in the world are you going to wear? Before the panic sets in, take a deep breath. Your outfit needs to be all kinds of Instagrammable: stylish, comfy, and totally appropriate for the occasion. We are here to help! Follow along as we unpack the ultimate guide to sorority video outfit ideas to help you nail your look for the recruitment video!

First up, it’s crucial to remember that the perfect outfit totally depends on your role in the video. Interviews will have you sitting down, with the focus all on you. Meanwhile, b-roll scenes are all about those dynamic action shots and different camera angles. In both cases, our sorority video outfit ideas will help you shine.

Sorority Video Outfit Ideas - Interview Chic

Interview Chic: Keeping It Real Yet Classy For Your Sorority Video Outfit Ideas

When you’re in the spotlight for an interview, the motto is “keep it simple, keep it trendy”. Choose a dress or top in a solid color or with a subtle print so it’s not distracting to the viewer. The last thing you want is for your outfit to be more memorable than your words. The sorority video outfit ideas we suggest revolve around a color theme – there’s power in unity, after all!

You and your sorority sisters should also consider picking a color theme – there’s power in unity, after all! The colors of your sorority are always great to reinforce your brand, or various shades of jewel tones are a nice bold choice that look stunning on most skin types, and all white can be lovely for a more sentimental video.

Interview Details

Interview Details: The Art of Perfection 

Always remember that the frame will capture you from the waist up, it’s especially important to evaluate how that portion of your outfit looks when sitting down. The sorority video outfit ideas we share are chosen to ensure you look stunning and suitable without any fashion mishaps. Do your bra straps show? Is there a weird ruffle that only looks good standing? Does a wrap dress have a gap? You of course want to be mindful of how your top lays making sure it does not distract yourself or the viewer! To strike the perfect balance between stunning and suitable, you want to feel and look comfortable without any fashion mishaps. Remember – fashion tape is your friend.
Sorority Video Outfit Ideas - B-Roll Vibes

Sorority Video Outfit Ideas – B-Roll Vibes: It’s Showtime!

Our sorority video outfit ideas can help you create a diverse range of looks for b-roll scenes. If your shoot involves multiple scenes, think of each one as a blank canvas for flaunting your favorite looks.

Casual, trendy athleisure is a college staple and the perfect choice for park or study scenes. Your cutest PJs can bring an element of comfort and fun to a cozy movie night at the sorority house. Those sundresses you’ve been dying to wear all summer? They’re just waiting to star in a fun shopping spree around town.

But, don’t forget to consider the actions planned for these scenes. If you’re shooting a lively house party or a picnic scene, dresses and skirts definitely amp up the cute factor. But if you have some cool action shots in store, like showing off their cheer moves or piggy back poses, you might want to lean towards shorts or pants for maximum freedom and comfort.

Sorority Video Outfit Ideas - Accessorize

Accessorize, Accessorize: Less Is More

Our sorority video outfit ideas aren’t just about clothes, but also about how the right accessories can elevate your look from cute to killer. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and shoes all contribute to your overall look, helping your personality stand out. But, be cautious not to go overboard – your accessories should complement your outfit, not compete with it. Shoes, while often hidden from the camera’s view, still need consideration. If the scene allows, choose comfort over style – your feet will thank you later.

Hair Flair - Top It Off Right

Hair Flair: Top It Off Right

Let’s not forget, your hair game needs to be on point, too. Whether you let it flow naturally, style it into loose waves, or opt for a slicked back pony/bun, your hair can elevate your overall look significantly. Remember, you should style your hair in a way that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable, but also keep the day’s weather conditions in mind. Humid or windy day? Don’t skimp on the product to keep your mane in check.

Make-Up: The Perfect Look

A natural glam look for videos always looks great on camera. Especially during interviews you’ll want to feel and look your most confident. Don’t forget the setting spray and blotting papers!

To wrap it up, what’s most important is that you feel both confident and comfortable in every scene. Striking the right balance between stylish and suitable will not only make you feel like the queen you are but will also leave a lasting impression on potential new members. So, dodge anything too revealing or flashy, and always ensure your outfit vibes well with the occasion. Now that you’re armed with these sorority video outfit ideas, you’re ready to create the ultimate sorority recruitment video that truly represents you and your sisters. Go ahead and steal that spotlight, queen! You got this!

If you’d like to have your own sorority recruitment video or fraternity recruitment video, contact us for more info! We’d love to help you!

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Sorority Video Outfit Ideas - Behind the Scenes

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