Hype Video - Planning Questionnaire

Sisterhood Interview Video - Planning Questionnaire

Philanthropy Video - Planning Questionnaire

What is the date of your first day of recruitment?(Required)
What round of recruitment is the video for?(Required)

Rules / Requirements

Each school's Panhellenic has different requirements, please double check yours!
What date is your video due to Panhellenic?(Required)
Do you want (or does your Panhellenic require) your video to have closed captioning?(Required)
Does your Panhellenic require you to include any facts and figures in your video (either verbally or on screen)?(Required)

Panhellenic Details

Should this required content be included verbally or shown on the screen or both?(Required)

Content Vibe/Tone

Philanthropy videos can be lighthearted or serious, think about where you want to be on that spectrum.
There are many ways to showcase your Philanthropic work. Please select which are your priority.(Required)
Do you have an idea of scenes you'd like us to shoot for the video? Some examples below.(Required)

Messaging & Interviews

We want to get to know your chapter so we can authentically share your story.
We have 3 styles for shooting interviews, please select one. Note: outdoor is higher risk as weather can impact.(Required)
While your video may not have many words on the screen, please list 1 or 2 fonts for your chapter name or any other text that will appear. Fonts


Songs are important because they really set the tone of the video!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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