Hype Videos

Smaller budget? Looking for a way to get PNMs excited about your chapter? Not technically allowed to do a recruitment video but looking for ways to stand out? If you said yes to any of these questions, hype video is the way to go!

What are Hype Videos? These videos let the visuals and music tell your story. Creative sisterhood shots filmed by one of our professional videographers combined with your own footage and photos. Then, we set everything to the music of your choice in a cinematic style.

We have worked with chapter recruitment teams and public relations/marketing teams, so hype videos can fall under either category – which is perfect if you are restricted from using video during formal recruitment.

There are many reasons chapters choose to produce a hype video. These videos can be used for social media promotion, on your website, use clips from the video and weave it into your PR plan… there is a lot you can do with a video like this all year long.

These videos are also great to use to complement your formal and informal recruitment efforts, regardless if you are doing virtual recruitment or in-person recruitment. 

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